Supply Chain Traceability: Better Data, Lower Risk​

Supply Chain Traceability: Better Data, Lower Risk​

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Blockchain-based platform for supply chain traceability – Samsung SDS Cello Trust

Developed by combining Samsung SDS’ blockchain technology and logistics expertise, Cello Trust ensures tamper-proof, secure information across all stages of a supply chain. This enables businesses to provide secured proof of origin and distribution information to customers.

They can incorporate the information in a range of their business activities by integrating Cello Trust with their production/distribution/sales systems as needed.

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Supply chain visibility: a guide to transparency, traceability and mapping

It’s a time of dynamic change in the supply chain: online shopping has accelerated to a stratospheric rate; stresses to the supply chain have made companies rethink just-in-time, offshore and lean manufacturing; and consumers have shifted brand loyalty, choosing what’s available over what they’re accustomed to.

It’s more important than ever for organizations to understand the value that accurate labeling brings to the supply chain. In this webinar, we’ll take a look at supply chain visibility and the benefits of effective labeling

-The difference between supply chain visibility, transparency, traceability and mapping, and the impact of labeling on each
-The present and future tools and trends in supply chain transparency
-Four proven steps to achieving supply chain transparency

Traceability 101: An Introduction to Food Supply Chain Traceability

According to IFT, there has been significant progress in the area of food traceability in recent years. Several food sectors have elevated the importance of traceability and begun to implement programs in support within their supply chains. Research has identified the beneficial relationship between effective traceability and food security, sustainability, safety, defense, and protection. From carrying out targeted recalls to preventing food waste, traceability is viewed as an essential prerequisite to better supply chain management. This webinar will provide an overview of what is working and challenges remain.

Tracifier supply chain traceability solutions

Tracifier is a blockchain-based traceability application used for food and certificate verification that supports the accuracy and transparency of customer claims with monitoring and inspecting of products. The Solution covers the whole value chain of food from the early stage of harvesting product in farms, sampling the product for quality assurance, testing in laboratories, and monitoring and auditing the supplying process of goods to the final consumers in the market.

The goal is to build a consensus of business nodes and speed up the exchange of information among suppliers in real-time. That helps to the sustainability of the product’s claims by defining exact origin, date, time, and location, or major supplying activities details of a product.

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