On-Demand Webinar – Trust over Tools: How to Stop Misinterpreting Consumer Desires

On-Demand Webinar – Trust over Tools: How to Stop Misinterpreting Consumer Desires

Recent announcements by GooglePay and WhatsApp illustrate tech’s pursuit of disintermediation, signalling that interaction or conversation-based banking is a more natural evolution or preferred model to traditional and open banking structures.

Retirement Planning Best Practices Webinar + Live Q&A

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In this webinar, Lance Roberts & his team from Real Investment Advisors (Danny Ratliff & Richard Russo) provide an in-depth presentation of success strategies for retirement planning. They also field Q &A from the live audience.


2021 best WEBINAR PLATFORMS (pricing and features breakdown)

If you’re looking for the best webinar platform for your business, you know there are tons of choices out there. In this video, we’ve narrowed down the top 8 platforms based on specific factors, and share pricing and features for each one.

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Zoom – https://zoom.us/
Google Meet – https://meet.google.com
Clickmeeting – https://clickmeeting.com/
Demio – https://demio.com/
WebinarNinja – https://webinarninja.com/
Webinarjam – https://home.webinarjam.com/index
GoToWebinar – https://www.gotomeeting.com/webinar
Podia – https://podia.com/signup

WPdx Tutorial: Filter and Zoom to Area of Interest (WPdx Decision Support Tools)

The mission of the Water Point Data Exchange (WPdx) platform is to unlock the potential of water point data to improve rural water services through evidence-based decision-making.​

The WPdx Decision Support Tools interactive web app provides access to view available water point data from the WPdx+ dataset and the results from our suite of decision-support tools.

The tools include:​
– Administrative Region Analysis​
– Rehabilitation Priority Analysis​
– Service Gap Identification Analysis
– Data Quality Score
– Predicted Risk Index