London fintech Yapily latest to benefit from Open Banking goldrush

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London fintech Yapily latest to benefit from Open Banking goldrush

The drive towards Open banking in Europe is creating an attractive environment for fintech fund raising, with London-based Yapily the latest to benefit, securing a £4.3 million seed round from King’s Cross-based venture capital firm Localglobe and HZ Holtzbrinck Ventures.

What is an open banking platform?

Discover what unbundling means for financial institutions and how an open platform works to combine cool technology in new ways.

The new gold rush? Russia and China buying billions in bullion | Guide to the Global Economy

On this episode of Guide to the Global Economy, Josh sits down with Neils to talk about Russia and China stockpiling massive gold reserves that the West appears happy to get rid of… Hoarders much? Alisha joins the conversation to report on piles of dollars destined for Iraq possibly ending up in Iran and Syria and what the Fed plans on doing about it. And Mrugank takes a moment to tell us about the 9000% increase in transactions in Chinese Yuan that are being made between Russia and China as Moscow tries to “de-dollarize”—could this spell disaster for the Russian economy if Beijing needs to devalue?

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Tech Talk: interview with Joao Martins, Yapily

Joao Martins, chief technology officer of Yapily, which provides an Open Banking-based application programming interface platform to connect to banks, talks to The Banker’s Joy Macknight about democratising innovation in financial services and what banks need to do to be successful in an Open Banking world.

Yapily: A Different Type of Open Banking Provider

Yapily’s mission is simple: to be an API only, developer focussed, security-first technology provider that’s built to scale and change.