Big names back new Canadian fintech association


Big names back new Canadian fintech association

Mastercard, Square and Wise are among the members of a new not-for-profit group pushing for a "whole-of-government" approach to supporting Canada's fintech ecosystem.

Fintech Drinks | Lockdown: How cybersecurity has to step up


Mathieu Lavoie, Co-founder & CEO at Flare Systems
Jason Green, Partner, Cybersecurity at EY
Joseph Lau, Chief Information Security Officer at Portag3

Some further great reads from our sponsors and speakers joining us on Wednesday:
EY’s latest thinking on Cybersecurity:
Cybersecurity in a Pandemic: Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead – by Joseph Lau:
Autopsy of a ransomware attack – by Flare Systems:

India – Springboard to international markets!

Panel Discussion on India – Springboard to international markets!

Avishek Gupta, Investment Director, Caspian Impact Investments Pvt. Ltd.
Ajay Ramasubramaniam, Founder & CEO, Startup Reseau
Rajiv Babooram, Lead Professional Financial Services, Economic Development Board Mauritius

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Pioneering Fintech – VersaBank

Today, our opportunity to power choice in financial services has never been greater, or more immediate. New technologies have made it possible for Fintechs to offer them, and they’re serving the most empowered generation of consumers in history. By providing a more efficient and innovative funding mechanism, VersaBank is enabling our Fintech and non-bank partners to more effectively originate consumer and business loans. The result for Canadians is easier access to low cost financing and greater choice. Fintechs are transforming the word “bank” from being a place people must go, to being something they do on their own terms, and we are the engine behind Canada’s Fintech Industry. We were born for this revolution. And we thought it was time for a name that said so.

FFCON21: May 12 How Fintechs are Solving Canada’s Financial Health Challenge

The 7th Fintech & Financing Conference and Expo (FFCON21): BREAKING BARRIERS co-hosted by the National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association of Canada and Toronto Finance International took place digitally from May 11-13, 2021.

FFCON21: May 12 How Fintechs are Solving Canada’s Financial Health Challenge

Elvis Wong, Fintech Cadence, Director of Financial Health

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TLC `s guide to Basel II

TLC's guide to Basel II

TLC Risk Solutions presents a pragmatic approach to Basel II implementation and technology programmes.

What Will Basel II Change For Turkish Banks?

In July, the final phase of Basel II implementation in Turkey was completed and banks have started computing capital adequacy ratios as per local requirements. We welcome the Basel II implementation, and in this CreditMatters TV segment, Standard & Poor’s Associate Director Goeksenin Karagoez and Senior Director Zeynep Holmes discuss the impact it will have on the Turkish banking system.

FRM: Operational Risk in Basel II

There are three approaches to operational risk in Basel II: basic indicator (BIA), standardized (SA), and advanced measurement approach (AMA). BIA is alpha (15%) of the bank’s total gross operating income (GOI). SA weights the charge by business line (12%, 15% or 18% depending on the business line). For more financial risk videos, visit our website!

BASEL Accords – II & Pillars of Basel II Accords – 06

BASEL Accords – II & Pillars of Basel II Accords – Session – 06

Basel II – Pat Obi

This video introduces you to the basic tenets of Basel 2.

TCF 2022: Plug-and-play required for hyper-personalisation


TCF 2022: Plug-and-play required for hyper-personalisation

Max Chuard, Temenos CEO, opened the Temenos Community Forum 2022 (TCF) introducing a number of the key themes to be covered during the conference, from embedded finance, to disruptive technologies, disintermediation, new business models, composable services, and sustainability.

Hyper-personalized Experience: Managing the Online Customer Journey

Customer experience will prove the primary differentiator for retailers. Increasingly, customers are expecting bespoke journeys and offers curated just for them. Find out how to adopt a consistent customer experience across all of your online channels, using your retail data to differentiate, grow market share, and drive sustainable customer loyalty.

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The Big Shift – The new era of hyper-personalization, and what it means for printers.

In the days of mass-mailings, print drove direct marketing, and personalization was using a prospect’s name or purchase history. Today, the hyper-personalized customer experience is driven by digital fact gathering such as browsing behaviour, in-application behaviour and engagement data to interpret a customer’s intent.

With the face of this $8 billion US$ market changing so dramatically – what opportunities exist for printers? Printers already have the equipment – what is needed is the ability to create software to help customers who are travelling down the hyper-personalization path.

A terrific learning opportunity is being presented by 3 leaders in the “Direct” business as they discuss how hyper-personalization works, what challenges it presents for marketers, and where printers can create a niche helping these marketers – without having to purchase equipment.

Doris Brown-McNally
World Wide Brand Innovation, Partner Development Manager, HP Inc.
Doris, in her role as Global Brands Innovation Manager, is responsible for fostering relationships with many of the world’s most recognizable brands, and their creative agencies, through meaningful and inspirational digital print instruction, and campaign development.
Doris has been an outspoken leader and advocate regarding digital print production, colour communication, and cross media marketing. She built her career on a solid foundation with a degree in Print Production from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her leadership skills and extensive industry knowledge are well-documented throughout her career as an executive at HP Inc.®, Datacolor®, X-Rite/Pantone®, Agfa-Gevaert ®, and International Paper®.
For close to 40 years Doris has been recognized in the printing, textile and plastics industries as one of the foremost experts on colour, a crucial element in corporate branding and identity. Her greatest strengths are her passion, creativity, drive and leadership. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach.

Eleanor Rafter
Director, Smartmail Marketing Channels, Canada Post

As part of the Direct Mail Line of Business at Canada Post, Eleanor is part of the senior team that champions the enduring power of direct mail as a business-builder for marketers in Canada.

Eleanor has 25 years’ experience in direct marketing helping marketers acquire and retain customers with a focus on all business segments including Enterprise and Small and Medium sized businesses. She develops channel partnerships within the direct mail ecosystem and is an advocate for the mail industry and the power of working together to sustain the mail business in Canada.

Eleanor has experience in business marketing and prior to joining Canada Post focused on business development strategies in Out of Home advertising. Eleanor is also passionate in finding solutions within the industry to create sustainable mail.

Steve Falk,
President, Prime Data

Prime Data – a DM specialist in personalizing printed advertising
communication. Prime Data recently became one of a select group of
direct mail and print providers to win a Canada Post Wings of Leadership
Award. Canada Post has expanded “Wings of Leadership Award” to
recognize the contribution of innovation, collaboration and growth by one
of their 35 Expert Partners. Prime Data, an Expert Partner since the
program began, was chosen in particular for the innovation of its
ResponsivePrintTM product. It’s a programmable mail solution that was
piloted with Wayfair and Sephora, resulting in white papers showcasing the
positive outcomes.

Disrupting employee experience through hyper personalization

Delivering differentiated and personalized customer experiences enhances loyalty, market share and revenues. Imagine what a similar focus on employee experiences could mean for the business. As the lines between our personal life and official life blur, employees today increasingly want the similar engaging and personalized contextual experiences they have outside of work to be replicated in their work life. With technology orchestrating every form of our personal & official life, we will see in this video how enterprises can harness enterprise data footprints & new age technology channels to drive hyper personalized services for employees.

Hyper-personalized Customer Experience – Retail video

Customer experiences will prove the primary differentiator for Retailers in 2021 and present the fastest route to resilience. A single view of your customer is undeniably crucial to remaining competitive in today’s market as it enables customer-centricity and spot-on personalization opportunities.
However, Retailers need to provide a truly differentiated customer experience to set themselves apart from the market. This will require a new set of technology, services, and models — all interacting with systems, services, and clean, governed data.

In this two minute video, discover how to overcome key retail challenges and drive hyper-personalized customer experiences.

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