Using social media to define a better customer banking experience


Using social media to define a better customer banking experience

Finextra sat down with Keith Moor, CMO, Santander UK to discuss how retail banking in the mobile channel will change within the next two to five years, how the advent of smartphones has created more choice for the consumer in how they interact with their bank and how Santander worked with Facebook to learn what their customers want from banking channels.

Banking on Social Media

Opportunities to leverage social media are fast-growing and although highly regulated, the financial services industry is increasingly playing a role in the social space. At the Credit Suisse Research Institute 2012 meeting, experts discussed the benefits of social media over traditional communication tools, as well as the constraints — the most significant of which regards the current regulatory environment.

Customer Experience & Social Media

HSMAI Region Europe in conversation with Hospitality Industry Experts.

In this video:
Remy Merckx – Vice President, Global Digital at Radisson Hotel Group

How to improve the customer experience through mobile integration?
How is Social Media disrupting the Customer Care Processes?


Remy Merckx

How Danske Banks uses Social Media to build on customer satisfaction (1 of 5)

Part 1 out of 5:
How to exploit Social Media opportunities

Søren Hansen Reumert, Head of Online Communications & Social Media at Danske Bank Personal Banking shares his experience on how to use social media to improve customer satisfaction.

– How to exploit Social Media opportunities
– How to make strategies and plans for the use of social media in a customer oriented context
– How different purposes can be fulfilled through different social media platforms
– Why he doesn’t measure the value of Social Media
– How to find the needed tools to make best use of social media
“We have made an active decision not to use Social Media as a marketing tool, but as a tool to improve customer dialogue and customer satisfaction,” says Søren Hansen Reumert, Head of Online Communications & Social Media at Danske Bank Personal Banking. Learn how!

Strategies for Banks to Improve Customer Experience (CX)

In this video, we have explained a series of steps which will be helpful to improve #CustomerExperience in banks.

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What `s in store for Sustainable Finance in 2021?


What's in store for Sustainable Finance in 2021?

Richard Peers, ResponsibleRisk talks about 2021 and what to expect from consumer understanding of the power of their finances to impact climate change, the proliferation of retail investors, the response from the top, and the acceleration toward standardisation. We are warned about a potential backlash from businesses declaring Governmental overreach, more Bio-Diversity loss and other unsustainabl…

Sustainable Finance 101 | Rebecca Self | 2021 WSGS

Rebecca is the Director of Sustainable Finance at South Pole. In this role Rebecca is responsible for the consultancy services offered to financial institutions globally which combine climate science led data and business integration advice. The consultancy services focus on three areas; the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) impact analysis for financial products and supporting financial institutions with their Net Zero commitments.

Formerly Rebecca was the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Sustainable Finance at HSBC Holdings plc. In this role Rebecca was responsible for the group-wide financials relating to Sustainable Finance products, including sustainability/green bonds, ESG (environmental, social, governance) asset management/private bank funds and sustainability related commercial lending. In addition, Rebecca was responsible for HSBC’s external ESG reporting and investor relations activity – including TCFD and corporate reporting on the SDGs. Rebecca was the Chair of the European Banking Federation industry SDG working group and a member of other advisory groups to progress sustainability reporting. E.g. Sustainability Accounting Standards Board and developing a new CDP (Formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) questionnaire for financial services.

Rebecca has approximately 20 years of industry experience, in a prior role she was Group lead for Fixed Income investor relations. This included marketing the first green bond issued by HSBC France in December 2015 and the SDG bond issued by HSBC Holdings in 2017. Rebecca has also worked in Product Control, Market Risk and Regulatory Management. The latter included leading HSBC’s response to the Enhanced Disclosure Task Force to aid greater transparency in banks’ disclosures post the financial crisis.

Rebecca is a Chartered Global Management Accountant and obtained a BSc in Economics and Politics from the University of Southampton, where she now has the role of Trustee for the Student Union. In 2017 she gained a Certificate in Business Sustainability Management from the University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership – she is currently studying for a part-time Masters with the Institute.

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ASEAN Sustainable Finance State of the Market 2021: report launch

FinextraTV: What’s in store for SustainableFinance.Live in December 2021

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