The Innovation Game: Escaping Legacy with New Technology


The Innovation Game: Escaping Legacy with New Technology

Banks need to innovate but are held back by layers of legacy technology which inhibits their ability to adapt and evolve.
How can they implement change without risking the stable operation of core systems and services?
This report provides the answers to this vital question.

Seattle Bank continues to optimize its cloud-based core banking system with Fusion Phoenix

Seattle Bank continues to leverage the power of Finastra’s open banking and technology stack, to optimize its cloud-based open API core banking system, and enhance its front-end digital banking services.

Corporate Banking Innovation video

Find out how Finastra enables Connected Corporate Banking in our innovation video

Family Takes Photo Wife Files For Divorce After Seeing This Detail

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Rare Photos Not Appropriate for History Books

History is a strange thing. In many cases, the only things we know about history are things that have been captured in photos or in books. While written history can be manipulated, photos seem to be the only things that can truthfully inform us of the past.

▬Contents of this video▬
00:00 – Introduction
00:56 – Salvador Dali (1953)
02:27 – The Titanic (1912)
05:38 – Montana (1901)
06:02 – Giza (1870s)
08:59 – Zero Gravity (1958)
10:18 -La Tour Eiffel (1932)
10:41 – Going for a Stroll (1938)
11:28 – Audrey Hepburn (1958)
12:40 – Space Chimp (1961)
13:05 – Swimsuits (1922)
13:30 – Military Tradition (1952)
14:30 – Read All About it (1912)
14:52 – Elvis Presley (1958)

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You’ll see many of these photos in history books. However, some of these photos are NOT appropriate for history books, and as a result, you may never see them. Until today! We’ve found the inappropriate photos from history and we’re going to show you them and discuss why they are not found in history books.

Rare Photos Not Appropriate for History Books

EBAday 2022: Going instant with ISO 20022 and liquidity management


EBAday 2022: Going instant with ISO 20022 and liquidity management

Diving-in to day two, Joost Bergen, owner, Cash Dynamics, kicked off the ‘Real-time liquidity management’ session with the poll question: do we really need liquidity management close to real time?

Webinar Recording – Getting ready for ISO 20022 with Temenos Payments HUB (TPH)

The global payments industry is moving to a single messaging standard ISO 20022. For decades, formats supporting high value and cross-border payments have become uncertain. The ISO 20022 brings the common business terminology across all payment types and most banks will have already started their journey as they migrate to the new messaging standard of ISO 20022. SWIFT has convened for CBPR+ the international payments experts’ group, that it will formulate guidelines for the harmonized rollout and implementation of ISO 20022 for cross-border payments. There are a subsequent set of release on usage guidelines for updated user detailed functional specifications (UDFS) for the Euro system. For banks, the implementation of the new standard represents a global mandate with near-term deadlines. Temenos Payments Hub (TPH) is a universal payments hub solution which has sophisticated centralized infrastructure to support any future payment formats and global payment mechanisms. TPH provides banks with a single solution to configure their payment processing for all customers.

In this webinar, we have discussed the following in detail
– Global payments latest development and global requirements
– Implication and recommendation for Banks
– TPH- The Next generation payments Overview
– Deployment Modes of TPH
– TPH Parameterization
– Unmatched Benefits

The benefits of ISO 20022 are loud and clear, customers can expect superior customer experience, more streamlined compliance procedures, and the ability to deliver new services. It will be the global language for financial messaging. View our webinar to get more insights on how you can leverage TPH to calm the storm of IS0 20022.

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ISO 20022 payments 101 PaymentsJournal and BNY Mellon

At its most basic level, ISO 20022 is a global messaging standard set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that can be used for all types of financial communication.

To dig deeper into what ISO 20022 is and why the payments industry should embrace the shift towards adoption, PaymentsJournal Editor-in-Chief Ryan McEndarfer had a conversation with Isabel Schmidt, Global Head of Direct Clearing and Asset Account Services, BNY Mellon Treasury Services.

How ISO 20022 Can Help Banks Combat Financial Crime | The Future of Payments in 100 Seconds

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The implementation of ISO 20022 represents a seismic shift towards a more harmonised and richer data model, which will improve banks’ operational efficiency and expand business insights. Most importantly, the new messaging format presents major opportunities for combatting financial crime. So, how can banks use it to not only improve their processes but also help make the world a safer place? We answered this question in our latest 100 Seconds video.

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FinextraTV @ EBAday: Why test automation is essential for ISO 20022 & how to get it right

Walter Schmölzer, CEO, UNIFITS, speaks during EBAday 2020 about test automation for ISO20022 and why it is more than just another standard, why the switch, how banks should prepare for adoption, and whether testing will become easier due to harmonized processes and formats.

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